Indian Head Massage


Duration: 1 day (Theory & Practical)


  • History of Indian Head Massage
  • Contra-indications
  • Classifications of massage movements
  • Routine checklist
  • Massage routine
  • Ayurveda and Marma Points
  • Chakras
  • Use of oils
  • Contra-actions

Requirements: No experience or previous qualifications necessary.



Indian Head Massage:

Our Indian Head Massage training course is a 1 day course giving you a flexible skill to use in the spa, salon or home environment. Indian Head Massage is based on traditional and Indian techniques by using a variety of massage movements. The Indian Head Massage works on the energy of chakras and is a great way of relieving stress and its effects on the systems of the body. Tension is relieved through relaxation of the muscles, and improved circulation to the brain helps to clear the mind and improve hair and scalp conditions.

3 reviews for Indian Head Massage

  1. Tracy Slater

    Beautiful massage
    Lovely friendly helpful and genuinely caring girls x x x

  2. Kelly Brooke

    Maryam was so lovely and I strongly recommend the idiom head massage!!!!

  3. K A

    Best beauty salon in Stevenage. Customer service is brilliant, I always feel welcome and comfortable. The Indian head massage is my favorite treatment, relaxing, and stress revealing, definite recommendation.

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